Sustainable Farming

United Apple’s objective has always been to grow healthy, high-quality food for customers while protecting and enhancing our orchards with sustainable farming practices. This began with the first generation of the Dobbins family and continues with United’s wholehearted commitment to fully respect Mother Nature, which began over 100 years ago, long before there was a popular consumer movement.

The challenges have become increasingly greater as consumers expect healthy and flavorful fruit, that has a sustainable future,, with a low impact on the environment. United has made strategic investments to ensure that its operations have naturally fertile soil, ample natural sources of water and clean air to optimize the orchards’ protection and production.

United has developed an environmentally friendly, comprehensive plan to continue the commitment that began a century ago, and give guidance for the next generations of growers.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

The United team has a long history of supporting IPM practices to develop a positive environmental footprint. Natural beneficials and biologicals are used to create a healthy and sustainable ecosystem across all growing regions.

The safety of our community, bees, the environment and associates are prioritized throughout the IPM process.

Smart Sourcing of Renewable Resources

Long-term relationships with suppliers who share a focus on environmentally responsible items offer environmentally friendly packaging and shipping materials. Recycled paper and packing materials are compliant with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and used in cardboard shipper boxes, top pads, tote bags and other shipping supplies.

Energy and Water Conservation

Our orchards leverage high technology systems to monitor and modulate water use, retention and recycling. This is combined with specific plans per growing region to protect wildlife and aquatic habitats. Comprehensive energy and water conservation programs are used to maximize efficiencies on the packing line and with cold storage facilities.