Import – Export


United Apple’s reputation as one of the highest quality domestic brands has led to establishing relationships with the world’s finest growers, who are looking for like-minded partners.

United’s import program compliments its domestic season to offer fresh product from selected growers that adhere to strict sustainable farming practices and packing standards. Growing partners in Chile, New Zealand and Argentina have ideal temperate climates and soil conditions to grow a full line of apples, pears and cherries.

The combined, dual hemisphere program enables United to bring a year- round supply program on the most popular varieties and offers customers a distinct market advantage.


With multiple domestic growing regions, United Apple is in a unique position to supply a full line of apples, cherries and pears to export markets in Europe, Asia and the middle East. The comprehensive international experience of the United team includes account planning and sourcing, managing logistics, international administration and filings, culminating in the delivery of the highest quality fruit.

International customers rely on United as a strategic partner to manage complex programs that benefit from its decades of expertise and success in navigating challenging world markets.

United Apple in Jerusalem

United Apple in Tel Aviv