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Our sales team is well rounded and fully immersed in the World’s apple market. This enables us to adapt quickly to the changing dynamics to ensure that both our suppliers and customers interests are being protected. Our goal is to deliver the best, most consistent quality with unbeatable, service and attention to detail.

Sales Programs

Annual or seasonal programs are the preferred way for us to ensure that we can supply our customers with the best fruit quality, packaging, and desired volume. An annual review with our customers is ideal, and we value the feedback provided. We appreciate this time to listen to your needs and become educated on the vision you have for each line.  It is also a nice opportunity to get to know each other  beyond the quick phone calls, emails and text messages.


Capable and adaptable to most Electronic Data Interchange systems. 


Packing and Repacking

We fulfill custom pack and packaging requests, and provide repackaging services for our off shore shippers. The H.H. Dobbins packing house is BRC and USDA certified and equipped to pack more than a million bushels a year.  Our quality is second to none and our size allows us the ability to generate packed product quickly while still monitoring the details and specifications of each customer.


Pack Packaging — Apples and Cherries

Apples are shipped in corrugated containers made of recycled materials or reusable crates.


Tray packs come in 12 kg, 18 kg and 20 kg

Poly bags are packaged in 1 kilo,3,4,5,6,7 & 10lb increments. 

Tote bags are filled to @ 5lbs


Cherries are repacked in clam shells or 1 lb. bags






Private Label

We are able to explore any private label packaging options as well.


Our purchasing department is comprised of individuals with connections to farming.  We understand the work and expense that are involved to bring a crop to market. We value our suppliers and do our very best to optimize their returns.


Our companies specialize in the planning, execution and management of the details involved in delivering or receiving your product on time and in the best condition possible. We have a network in place to ensure rapid customs clearance for our imports and business partners aligned that assist in all stages as we manage our exports. 

Field Service

With our unique portfolio of worldwide growers and customers, we are continually monitoring foreign and domestic PPU restrictions to ensure that our fruit is within code and eligible for all markets. Our growers are updated to any restrictions that affect our markets and the potential sale of their fruit.


Grower Consulting

We believe that our growers should always farm from the shopping cart to the plow, with the consumer in mind.  We encourage communication on the topics of size, color and volume to generate favorable returns, as well as, potentially profitable varieties that are in demand.  We also are eager for our growers’ input and we will do our best to develop and explore new outlets that fit their needs.      

Packing line info.  

Renovations  to the H.H. Dobbins facility expanded the overall  square footage to nearly 100,000. With continual upgrades along the way, the packing operation is equipped to generate over 1,000,000 packed bushels per season. Our packing line features four Newtec bag weighing heads, three of which are equipped with the H-Tech bagging system for gentle high speed bagging. The fourth weighing head is equipped with a Graybil automatic tote bag filler. All products packed off of the H.H. Dobbins packing line are printed with complete traceability coding and the facility is BRC ( British Retail Consortium) accredited .    

Storage Capabilities

Our storage facilities are equipped with the David Bishop CA monitoring system, and operate on an Enersave control unit that optimizes the cooling process and operates the equipment in the most energy efficient manner without jeopardizing fruit quality. HH Dobbins has capacity for over 300,000 bushels of fruit on site and manages over 1,000,000 bushels over all. 


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