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William Gerling

Procurement Manager, Field Manager, Quality Control — Thruway Produce,
Farm Manager — H.H. Dobbins and Sons, LLC

William Gerling

Bill, like many of us here, also grew up on a farm and has spent most of his life in the New Apple industry. He selects nearly all the apples that enter HH Dobbins and Thruway Produce. He is responsible for communicating any specification changes that our customers require. Bill has the crucial role of ensuring that our growers are GAP certified and implementing good agricultural practices in the daily management of their crops. In addition to these duties, in 2012 Bill became the Farm Manager of HH Dobbins and Son LLC., he now has the task of raising our own orchards.


Jeff Plummer

Plant Operations Manager, H.H. Dobbins

Jeff Plummer

Jeff and his five brothers were raised on the family dairy farm where he developed his strong work ethic.  He has been in Operations Management at H.H. Dobbins for the past 11 years and is responsible for the management of all storage operations, packaging procurement, and equipment maintenance. 


Brian Murray

Quality Control and Food Safety Director


Brian joined our company during the winter of 2012. The H.H. Dobbins facility regards Food Safety as a top priority. With a background in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Brian takes great pride in the management of our Food Safety Maintenance Program. He also manages our QC team. During his term we have greatly improved the consistency of our products. Brian has implemented extensive pack-out tracking programs that allow us to maximize our product utilization.


John Tilyou

Food Safety Supervisor



Kyle Merritt

Operations Packhouse Manager




Sheri Seefeldt

Production Line Operator




Jim Kankoski

Logistics, H.H. Dobbins


After spending 30+ years in retail, we were fortunate to have Jim join our staff in 1999. He served as Vice President of the company from 1999 until his semi-retirement in December of 2012. Jim will be re-joining us, during harvest season, to assist with logistics.  

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